Zamir Is in Business Providing Legal Services

Zamir Ahmed is Vice President of Communications at NAB, where he helps shape NAB`s message on public policy advocacy related to legislative, regulatory and legal issues affecting U.S. radio and television stations. He joined NAB in February 2011 as Head of Media Relations. Under the guidance of associates who speak foreign languages and are admitted to the bar in other countries, we place special emphasis on advising and assisting foreign clients who need legal services in Israel, as well as Israeli clients who need legal representation abroad. Over all these years, we have earned a great reputation in a wide range of areas of law, creating a team of partners and partners, most of whom began their legal careers as articling students, ready to continue and enhance our firm`s legacy of uncompromising excellence. Our clients include banks and financial institutions, state-owned companies, leading real estate developers, some of Israel`s largest communities, government and public institutions, as well as individuals and families whose operations require legal assistance and support. Amy J. Zamir has practiced law for approximately 25 years and specializes in representing corporate and private clients in a variety of complex commercial matters. Amy ran her own law firm for over ten years, where she worked exclusively for other lawyers seeking her expertise in legal critical thinking, legal analysis, research and writing. In this role, Amy faced various legal issues and honed her skills in developing individual case strategies. Thanks in part to her experiences abroad, Amy has come to appreciate the different perspectives and approaches that all people have in business and with others.

Amy approaches each of her cases with a holistic view and after getting to know her clients, she provides general advice to help them best achieve their goals. Amy diligently represents her clients at all stages of litigation and has also negotiated settlement agreements that protect her clients` best interests. Amy also regularly appears before the New York Appeals Division, First and Second Divisions, and represents the interests of her clients both in written submissions and at hearings, often achieving positive published results when other lawyers have relied on her cases. For many decades, we have provided our clients with legal services at the highest professional level, based on our many years of experience, which focus on personal attention and the specific needs and requirements of each client. Here is a list of the areas of activity in which Amy J. Zamir specializes: We strive to assign and build for each client a professional team that meets their specific needs, requirements and expectations, and that is led and led by a senior partner who is actively involved in each case. If excellence, high reputation, many years of experience and personal attention are the qualities you expect from your lawyers, you have come to the right place. Amy worked with victims of mortgage fraud in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis and was instrumental in helping homeowners keep their homes from unscrupulous lenders, both through litigation and settlement. Amy also has experience defending owners in title fraud lawsuits.

Amy has been successful in obtaining appeals for her clients before the New York Courts of Appeals on many issues, including jurisdictional issues. A selection of cases in which Amy has received positive decisions before appellate courts are HSBC Bank USA Nat`l Assoc. Hamilton, 116 AD.3d 663 (2nd Ab. 2014); CitiMortgage, Inc. v. Successes, 170 n. Chr.3d 946 (2nd Dept. 2019); CitiMortgage, Inc. v.

Osorio, A.D. 174.3d 496 (2nd Dept. 2019) Zamir served as Deputy Press Secretary to the House Committee on Small Business from 2009 to 2010. He began his career in Washington in 2008 as an intern in the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA). He holds a B.A. in English from Middlebury College. Amy regularly applies her refined litigation skills to represent clients on a variety of issues in complex litigation and has recently completed arbitrations involving complex intellectual property matters, shareholder valuation and employment contract disputes, as well as the interpretation of complex shareholder disputes and operating agreements. We represent some of the largest and most important private and public sector companies, facilities and institutions in Israel. Everyone benefits from the personal and direct involvement of the firm`s partners, who ensure that every client is offered excellent uncompromising service at the highest professional level.

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