When Is Your Name Legally Changed

Be sure to ask for both a new deck of cards and new checkbooks. If you also update your address at this time, bring proof of address (such as your rental or mortgage documents). The dissolution decree is your main document to change your name with other institutions where you were listed by your married name. Changing your name after your divorce is final — rather than filing it at the same time as your divorce — will require an additional court order, filling out certain forms, submitting criminal record information, and paying processing fees. However, this simple procedure usually does not require a lawyer. According to FindLaw, most states prohibit changing your name to avoid debt, hide criminal responsibility, or commit a crime. Updating your driver`s licence with a new name must be done in person. Most states consider this change part of the license renewal process, so you`ll need to take a new photo and pay the renewal fee. Visit your state`s DMV website to print the renewal application form. Filling this out in advance will save you time once you get there.

Some DMVs also accept appointments, which speeds things up. If you are going to the DMV, bring the following documents with you: Unfortunately, if you have a Global Entry card, you will not be able to change your name online as you will receive a new passport number if you change your name on your passport. However, you don`t have to make an appointment months in advance. Once you have received your new passport, simply bring it to the nearest registration center where you can update your account information. You will keep your current Global Entry card (along with your maiden name) because the digital data attached to your card will reflect your new information and match your passport, even if the physical card does not. If you prefer to get a new card with your new name, you can order one through your Global Entry account (after personally updating your passport information) for a $25 fee. After you go to the Social Security office, wait at least 24 hours before going to the DMV. You don`t need to have your new Social Security card in hand to update your driver`s license, but the 24-hour window gives the system enough time to update with your new name. Note, however, that there may be certain restrictions to which you can change your name, including, but not limited to, the following: If the clerk or judge rejects your application for a name change, you will receive a notice of rejection explaining the reason for the decision.

The notification must also explain your right to appeal against this decision and the time limit. If you have made a mistake in the process or forgotten a form, you may have the option to modify your submission by filling out the missing documents within a certain time frame. Pay attention to the delay so you don`t miss your window. If you have a TSA PreCheck card (but not through Global Entry), call 855-347-8371 and follow the instructions to speak to someone about PreCheck requests. You will receive an email address where you can send a scanned copy of your marriage certificate so they can start processing the change. If you are divorcing, the change to your maiden name is usually covered in divorce proceedings. Your name change should be reflected in your dissolution or divorce judgment, according to the CDC. However, you are likely to encounter practical complications if you choose to keep your maiden name in your bank account while using your married name elsewhere. If you legally change your name through the court, a fee and a notary will likely be required, with a few exceptions for name changes due to marriage, divorce or adoption. Of course, your Social Security card, driver`s license, and passport aren`t the only places you need to update your name, though they`re the most important. To avoid the hassle and embarrassment of sending an official memo stating that you misspelled your own name, check that it looks correct on every form you submit. Read on to find all the answers to your most pressing questions about the name change.

In this guide, you`ll also find step-by-step guides and learn what to consider in advance, as well as the institutions that should notify you if you change your name. Depending on where you live, your legal name change process can be as simple as filling out an online form or as intense as attending a formal hearing and taking fingerprints by the FBI. You`ll also have to pay an application fee, which can range from $50 in Hawaii to $450 in California. After receiving confirmation that the name associated with your Social Security number has changed, you can proceed with the name change process. You get the idea, don`t you? In many cases, the legal process of changing your name might actually be the easy part. You will then need to apply for a name change. This is essentially a form that you present to your local clerk. It includes your current and suggested name, your Social Security number, and sometimes a signed statement that you are not a convicted felon or that you do not have a pending arrest warrant.

You must sign this form in front of a witness and a notary. If your name of choice does not fall into the above categories, double-checking with a lawyer can help ensure that the change is legally valid. Some parents choose to change their child`s name after adoption, if that`s your scenario, here`s what you need to know: According to LegalZoom, you`ll need to prove your residency in your state first. Next, you`ll need to gather your supporting evidence: a recent Social Security card, birth certificate, driver`s license, and photo ID. Depending on the state you live in and the reason for your name change, you may need to do an FBI background check and have your fingerprints taken. Both also charge a fee. The process of legally changing your name usually involves the following steps, but these may vary slightly depending on your country of residence: You can also change the name of your entire family at once, or the name of a minor if you are their legal guardian or parent. Fortunately, since they are administered at the federal level, the process of changing your name on your passport and Social Security card is similar, regardless of the state you live in. I could go on like this, but the fact is that name changes can be intimidating even in the simplest scenario possible. And if you`re trans, nothing is ever the easiest scenario.

If you`re looking for a guide to your name change, this step-by-step guide can help. “In most places, it`s doable without a lawyer if it`s a simple case,” says Charlie Arrowood, a New York lawyer who offers assistance to transclients to change their name and sex characteristics. In addition to asking for help at your local court`s information center, they also recommend visiting the National Center for Transgender Equality Identity Documents, an online resource that explains current name change, driver`s license, and birth certificate policies in all 50 states. Creativity is very personal, and some people may feel limited by the name they receive. Changing your name allows you to get creative and choose something unique that will help you stand out from the crowd, as long as it`s not a name change prohibited by your state. If you`re starting a new business, you`ll need to choose a name that can be used in your state and doesn`t go against another company`s brand. Changing your name to match your spouse`s last name is one of the most common reasons people want to change their name. This can help some couples feel like a shared family unit and can simplify future cases that require identification, such as filing taxes together. The most common reasons for a name change are marriage or divorce. Adoption, as well as the following situations, are also common reasons: putting your personal happiness above the opinions of others can be liberating, and that`s true when it comes to changing your name.

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